Building Materials

Energy Efficient Materials For Custom Homes

5679642883_2a8b9191df_oCost effective materials for custom homes may help in not only preserving the planet, but also help the bank balance in the end.

While there are many power efficient products on the market, most buyers shy away due to the high cost of these materials.

Whether you are remodeling a deck or renovating a home, energy-efficient building materials can help to save you plenty of cash, not only in regards to energy savings, but also in grants, rebates and tax incentives.

Many experts feel that these materials lower air conditioning costs so that one can recover the cash spent in some years.

Structural Insulated Panels

Structural insulated panels which are manufactured from sandwiching a foam of insulators between strand boards, plywood or cement panels, have been used for a long time.

They are cost effective materials and can reduce costs by 50%. They’re considered fire resistant, and can be used floors, foundations, basement and load bearing walls.

Glass_and_plastic_recycling_065_ubtRecycled Wood

There are a couple of materials you can recycle in your house including plastic bags and wood that is extremely useful while constructing the next deck or local playground.

A combination of waste plastics and wood fibers, experts say, is more durable much less toxic in comparison with conventional treated lumber. The materials can also be very rigid in comparison with pure plastic since the wood fibers add extra strength.


Some of the most common structures employed for walls, roofs and floors include plywood, OSB and paneled structures.

These materials are produced from veneers of wood, pressed pulp and oriented steel. You will find roof sheathing materials that could prevent as much as 97% from the sun’s energy, preventing it from entering the attic and keeps it cooler, cutting your energy costs.

There a variety of energy-efficient materials which are much affordable in addition to high quality that may reduce your monthly energy expenses significantly.